Kundli 2012

Kundli 2012

Shows horoscope and other astrological predictions
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Get astrological predictions based on your sign, complete birth date or the current position of the sun, moon and planets from our solar system. Calculate your compatibility with another person and see how well the two of you match together.

Astrology is the study of the effect of the position of the stars and the planets on our lives and factors affecting our life. The Kundli 2009 3.6 package provides you with the basic solution for deciphering the effects of the movements.

The Kundli 2009 3.6 has the ability to make Horoscopes, do match making, and Ruling Kundlis. The Horoscope in the package includes a basic program coming with Vishotari and Ashtotari dasa, General Prediction and Varshphal etc. Horoscope means taking a look at the hours from the position of the sun, moon, and the planets. It is also capable of doing match making for marriage purposes. It can calculate the male and female birth details for find the compatibility percentage. The Kundli 2009 3.6 package can provide lagna - navamsha rashi chart, vimshatari dasa and ashta guna match table etc. Kundli 2009 3.6 is also capable of giving Ruling Kundli. It can give Gotchar (every day). Kundli 2009 3.6 package can give lagna rising starting and ending times also the lagna rotation with every lagna 9 Navamsh etc.

The package is a collection of these three tools for astrology.

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